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Reprogram your DNA and your life from the inside out to become stress- and disease-free.

Rama's Rooted Tree was founded in Miami FL in 2018 by Dr. Brian P. Ramos to offer people around the world access to his unique DNA Reprogramming Blueprint to hack your DNA and eradicate stress and disease forever without any gimmicks, toxic medications, expensive technologies, or continued dependence on a medical system that is more focused on disease. In addition, his programs are designed for anyone interested in taking their yoga practice to the highest level, for Self-Realization, God-Consciousness, and Supreme health and wellness.

Our programs are unlike anything you have ever experienced. Dr. Ramos is a true master of the art of living and a gifted health expert, spiritual guide, and healer with decades of advanced yoga training specifically designed to induce powerful genetic transformations. He possesses a background in Neuroscience (Ph.D. from Yale School of Medicine) and years of health and nutrition training not just in theory and experimentation, but also direct experience.

He does not recommend anything that he himself has not tested and replicated extensively. His approach is truly holistic and designed to bring you to a state of complete freedom and wellness, and enhanced concentration and power to unleash your True Self in the HERE and NOW.

If you are ready to achieve a state of free of stress and disease, rediscover your True Self, live the life that you deserve moving towards your highest goals and ideals, and enhance your relationships both at home and at work, then complete the short application below.