Mission Statement

We provide education, training, and access to Rama’s DNA Reprogramming Blueprint to heal human consciousness and free your body, mind, and spirit to achieve your greatest potential in a real and tangible way in the HERE and NOW. This involves a DNA Hacking method developed and tested by Dr. Ramos.

Stress and Inflammation are the silent killers of our generation that are responsible for at least 80% of all doctor’s visits. You deserve to live a free of disease and stress to empower your everyday life allowing you to focus on what matters the most, which is enjoying your life and your loved ones in a playful and joyous way as a child would, while still maintaining a high level of performance and productivity that we value in our culture.

You can reprogram yourself from the inside out to transfer your inner power and potential more effectively to the body through your DNA, which is not a static structure, but a dynamic and energetic phenomenon that responds directly to the commands of your consciousness. You can learn how to project the right vibrational frequencies to activate the strings of genes in a harmonious way as a maestro would with the strings of an instrument.

This is a field that we will create called gene harmonics where we help you turn on a pattern of gene expression associated with health, happiness, calmness, abundance, confidence, bravery, energy, power, etc. No longer do you have to live with suffering, stress, pain, disease, trapped by the dualities of life, or with a fear of death. Become truly free to explore your True Self and discover your purpose on this planet with clarity and complete freedom to pursue it.

We seek to enhance your connection to nature and its many holistic benefits, such as aesthetic, spiritual, and healing. We teach clients how to tap into the ancient wisdom of nature with its side-effect-free remedies, treatments, and supplements. In the process, we will revolutionize mankind by accelerating its evolution. We are committed to serving, honoring, and protecting Mother Nature with all its diversity and life.

To heal the planet, we must first begin by healing ourselves. We are looking for those who want to become truly awakened Siddhas and buddhas ready to serve all of creation and provide the bountiful beauty and bliss that will soon overflow their being. To do this, we first heal the individual of physical, mental, spiritual, and existential maladies and turn on the ideal sequence of genes thereby activating a program of power, creativity, radiant health, and spiritual illumination.

About Dr. Brian P. Ramos

Dr. Brian P. Ramos, affectionately known as Ram by his closest students, earned his bachelor’s degree in clinical microbiology from the University of Puerto Rico – Mayaguez in 1999 before obtaining his Ph.D. in Neurobiology from Yale University in 2005.

Dr. Ramos is a neuroscientist, author, stress specialist, and yoga master. He is a teacher, not a speaker, with a powerful voice in the mental health field and an advocate of reconnecting with nature to re-establish healthy and harmony not just in ourselves but also in the ecosystem. He is currently the founder and owner of Rama’s Rooted Tree designed to help others find the path of true healing through his unique and conscious DNA Reprogramming Blueprint that is part of his 66-day program and a fantastic DNA Hacker Mastermind group on Facebook.

Dr. Ramos is the author of numerous publications in the area of neuroscience and molecular psychiatry with a special interest in stress-related disorders, cognitive enhancement, aging, and behavior. He has studied advanced yoga practices for close to 20 years in an effort to discover Self-Realization and master the techniques he teaches his clients and students with the goal of freeing them of stress, disease, and fear. He works from within and without to extirpate the weeds that contribute to pain and suffering and which limit our potential for success.

He is originally from Puerto Rico. During his time there as an undergrad, he worked at a non-profit, Spiritist center called Instituto de Cultura Espirita Renacimiento, led by Dr. Flavio Acaron, where he served to heal, with the help of others and his own psychic abilities, many a person suffering from a variety of physical, mental, and spiritual conditions. His work there helped him to see the potential inherent in humans, the power of latent psychic abilities, the vast dimensions of consciousness untapped or unrealized by most, and the need to improve mental health and chronic care.

After graduating from the University of Puerto Rico, he moved to New Haven, CT, to pursue a Ph.D. in Neurobiology from Yale University. He wanted to learn about the nervous system and how we are connected, as infinite spirits, to the body. He had a deep interest in mental health and for some time thought about going to medical school to help improve the field of Psychiatry, which he felt was sorely in need of a more holistic approach to a multidimensional being like humans.

During graduate school and even after obtaining a Ph.D., he immersed himself for years in the study of the effects of stress on the nervous and endocrine systems, and how this would influence our health. He also rediscovered Yoga and Ayurveda during that time, which provided him with many of the adjunct therapies and techniques described in this book. He pursued the path of Self-Realization through advanced yogic practices to discover the source of happiness and peace, which is at the core of our being. His approach to yoga is integral and conducive to higher states of consciousness, deep, conscious relaxation, radiant health and vitality, and powerful genetic transformations.

Dr. Ramos, along with Guillermo Yorio, developed a multimedia toolkit titled Getting to Know and Overcoming Stress (in Spanish) at solulife.com. That is when he first began to develop the practices and techniques for application to stress eradication described in this book.

Dr. Ramos is a compassionate individual who lives to serve others no matter what their background or their difficulties. He is an assiduous student with a vast breadth of knowledge not only in his area of specialty, but also including, amongst other disciplines, neuroscience, medicine, nutrition, health, Ayurveda, Spiritism, mediumship, psychic healing, meditation, and consciousness research. He lives with his wife and children in Miami Lakes, Florida.


B.S. Clinical Microbiology, Univ of Puerto Rico

Ph.D. Neurobiology, Yale University

Certified Stress Specialist

Yoga Master

Yoga Therapist

Yoga for the Special Child

Dharma Yoga


The American Institute of Stress

American Psychological Association

American Academy of the Advancement of Science

The Author’s Guild

Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine

The International Association of Yoga Therapists

American Society for Nutrition

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