Steps to Getting Started

Get Your Holistic Health Score (Coming Soon)

Take this quiz to determine whether you are caring for your entire multidimensional being, from diet, supplements, ethics, music, nature, charity, meditation.

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Learn How to Supercharge Your Cells

Become a Master Artist that plays the right frequency through conscious vibrations to activate the strings of DNA (genes) in way that promotes health, power, clarity, and balance. Learn how to Reprogram Your DNA Naturally without any gimmicks, devices, or expensive medications or technology.

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Talk to Ram & Transform Your Life

We should never avoid investing in ourselves, in our health and awakening. Using a proven approach and live coaching and trainings using various disciplines and techniques you can achieve a state beyond description, which we all crave. Try our life-changing 8-week, 6-month and 1-year programs or inquire to work directly with the master himself.

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