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Depression: Evidenced-Based Dietary Supplements with Antidepressant Effects

by Brian P. Ramos
Major depressive disorder (MDD), also referred to as clinical depression, is a common but serious mood disorder that significantly affects an individual’s feelings, thoughts, actions, and daily functioning. (3)(18)(27) According to the World Health Organization, depression affects more than 300 million individuals or approximately 4.4% of the world’s population, (9) making it the leading cause of disability worldwide. (6)(27) Signs and symptoms While symptoms of depression may vary between individuals, in order to be diagnosed with MDD, some of the following symptoms must be present almost every day for a minimum of two weeks: Persistent sadness, anxiety, or numbness Feelings […]

Top Supplements for your Mental Well Being

by Brian P. Ramos
Throughout life, many individuals experience mental health issues that can impact their mood, thoughts, behavior, and quality of life. Supporting good overall health by engaging in regular physical activity, maintaining a well-balanced diet that is in sync with your climate and season (YouTube video coming soon on this topic in my DNA Hacker Secrets Channel), prioritizing sleep quality over quantity, and managing stress can help to support mental wellbeing. Certain dietary supplements may also help to support cognitive function, as well as address or prevent mental health conditions. In addition, remember that a key component in the integrative psychiatry and the […]