The Art of Stress-Free Living

Reprogram your life from the inside out to become stress- and disease-free.
Do you feel like stress is affecting who you really are? Maybe it’s even causing problems in your relationships or in your business. It’s time to craft your life into something better.
Simple changes in your lifestyle will allow you to deal with any stressor in a healthy and balanced way, leaving you in the right state of body, mind, and spirit to enhance your connection to others, enrich your life, and empower your business efforts.

With a conscious and powerful approach to health and wellness, you can discover how to let your best version show up consistently no matter what the circumstance. In the Art of Stress-Free Living, neuroscientist and yoga master Dr. Ramos teaches you how to:
  • Reprogram your DNA naturally to react to stress and life with confidence and power
  • Learn the secret about stress that changes everything in your life
  • Avoid chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, mental illness, and neurodegenerative diseases, all linked to a lifetime of uncontrollable stress
  • Deal with stress while still leaving enough in the tank for the activities and people you love
  • Develop practices and habits that you can use throughout your day – even at work – to reduce long-term stress effects and keep your relationships thriving and intact
Life is your canvas and you can make it what you want. Awaken the master artist inside you and begin to create a greater reality for yourself.


“Explaining what goes on in our brain and body when we are stressed is not an easy task. Dr. Ramos does an excellent job by also explaining what we can do about it in steps that we all can take.”

Bruce S. McEwen, Ph.D. – Alfred E. Mirsky Professor of Neuroendocrinology and Stress at The Rockefeller University and author of The End of Stress As We Know Itand The Hostage Brain.

As a professional athlete, I can relate to a life full of stress, pressure, and expectations. In this book, Dr. Ramos takes the time to explain what stress really is and provides strategies to help relax your mind and minimize stress in your life. I really enjoyed his natural solutions to deal with stress, focusing on nutrition, meditation, and body awareness. 

I have had the chance to work with nutritionist, trainers, and therapists throughout my career to take care of my body and physical health, but the mind is a whole different story. I have dealt with insomnia and extreme fatigue due to stress and pressure. This book has helped me focus on the mental side of it all.

Dr. Ramos offers strategies and an easy meditation program to help you become more aware and focused on yourself to better relax and recover.  I have just pointed out a part of the book that really had an impact in my journey, but Dr. Ramos offers a bigger picture with many more strategies that can impact many people with different needs.”

Xavier Ouellet – Defenseman for the Montreal Canadiens of the National Hockey League.

What an extraordinary book Brian Ramos has written. To say that he put his heart and soul into this is an understatement! With all his heart he is committed to your health and happiness. In this book, it is impossible to miss Dr. Ramos’ commitment to his clients and his dedication to what he has studied, learned and applied as the path for his clients’ wellness, body, mind, heart, and soul.

This is a masterful book. If you have any issues with stress ~ and who doesn’t! ~ check this book out! His work is comprehensive and powerful, a definite must read for anyone suffering from symptoms linked to stress. Thank you, Dr. Ramos, for your brilliant addition to the ‘healthy and happy’ conversation!

Reverend Katherine McClelland – Minister/Speaker/Spiritual-Life Coach & Author of Breathless: The Relentless Pursuit of the Good Life

Voyage from Human to God (Under Review)

Krishna’s Guide to Master Yoga, Spiritual Evolution, Self-Realization, and God-Consciousness.

FOREWORD by Yoga Legend, Sri Dharma Mittra

As a lifelong devotee and practitioner, I am forever humbled and inspired by the notion that yoga is not merely a series of bodily exercises, nor a set of ethical codes, nor even a lifestyle. Yoga is a goal and one that leads to Self-Realization. With unremitting devotion, we should engage in lots of reflection and learn how to rest the mind on God uninterruptedly, so that the individual soul can unite with the Universal Soul.

The discovery of this Divine union is yoga. Everything else just prepares you for this union. To discover this, you must first and foremost cultivate and live with both transcendental love for all of creation (ahimsa or non-violence) and an all-encompassing desire to discover God in all its infinite magnitude (ishvara pranidhana or self-surrender).

Even though the path of yoga, with its ancient roots and many intensive practices, rituals, and scriptures, can appear as foreign and laborious to a beginner, Dr. Ramos helps dispels the notion that yoga could be anything but a panacea for the burdens of contemporary life. With each page of this book, he tangibly expresses the soothing love, bliss, and peace that so naturally flow from embracing yoga as he details in its eight limbs.

Krishna’s Flute of Love & Devotion gently and clearly lays a foundation applicable to any and all devoted readers, simplifying but in no way diminishing yoga as a journey into the light and love that abounds in your heart center. He describes the dissolution of the ego into the supreme, not as a taxing nor frightening process, but as a restorative, natural one. One melts into the nurturing arms of the divine, finding ultimate peace, rather than strenuously climbing towards it.

As you read this book, enjoy the newfound warmth and peace that surround you as you cannot help but fall in unconditional love with your True Self, God, and thus with all of creation regardless of race, creed, beliefs, or even species. May your world be duly transformed through acceptance, patience, compassion, and love for yourself and others.


Krishna’s Flute of Love & Devotion eloquently establishes the practice of yoga as an art form, and devout reverence for it as the art of living. Allow yourself to dissolve into the boundless love that created you as you read the enchanting stories within that heal and renew you at the very core of your being. May the words help to equip you with all the means to shape yourself into the divine work of art that is your True Self, God.

With Great Love,

Dharma Mitrra


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