Elements of a Successful Entrepreneur and how to Enhance them with Meditation

by Brian P. Ramos

Meditation is ideally used as a tool for higher consciousness and Self-Realization. However, it can be, as many studies support, a tool for better health, wellness, and wellbeing, and for enhancing traits often seen in successful individuals. Indeed, meditation creates a myriad of changes with holistic implications for both body and mind. A sound, calm, energized, and creative mind is capable of greater feats.

So what are some of the traits seen in successful individuals?

  1. Strong sense of self: Possesses confidence, high self-esteem, and pride.
  2. Excellent focus and concentration: Not easily distracted, greater power to do more in less time.
  3. Great decision maker: Does not hesitate to do what is necessary and right.
  4. Able to sustain energy long-term: Helps not only to maintain overall health and well being, but also help you push through important deadlines and carry out more duties than the average person.
  5. Perseverance: Not easily discouraged.
  6. Emotional resilience: Bounces back easily in the face of failures or setbacks.
  7. High intuition, insight, and/or creativity: Increases the flow of ideas and solutions.
  8. Stress resilient: Strong coping and managing skills, and cool under a crisis and chaos.
  9. Success is an inner state of fulfillment: Not motivated just by external sources, such as money, possessions, status, and power.

Remember that success is something that you live, not an end point that you arrive at. Therefore, cultivating the right habits can help to create the lifestyle that you want even when in the midst of many duties.

Again, meditation helps to strengthen all of the traits above and creates powerful holistic changes that translate into an enhanced version of the list above. Furthermore, I have emphasized many times before that it is in relaxation and creativity can really blossom. In a creative state is where we truly shine.

Therefore, consider the following suggestions to integrate meditation, breathing, and mindfulness more into your daily routine. Yes, even while at your place of business or work.

  1. Before lunch or at some point when you need to recharge and refocus, practice at least 10 minutes of meditation. I typically never sit down immediately to eat lunch. I will almost always take time to nurture the inner self with either breathing (pranayama), centering or energizing exercises, mindfulness practices, concentration (dharana), or meditation (dhyana).
  2. Simple breathing techniques, like nadi shodhana pranayama, which I describe in “The Art of Stress-Free Living”, are ideal, if practiced for at least 5–10 minutes a day, especially during periods of high stress or expectations.
  3. Mindfulness techniques, whether during breathing, eating, or even walking, can be very powerful to root you in the present and bring greater clarity and awareness, both of which are essential to success in any endeavor. Again, please refer to “The Art of Stress-Free Living”, for some suggested practices. Briefly, try following your breathing as it goes in and out. If you get distracted from your breath, say by stray thoughts or sensations, quickly bring your attention back to your breath. Keep your attention on the tip of your nose as you observe the air moving in and out.
  4. Mantra, sacred message, word, or phrase, repeated during your meditation can also be a useful tool. Rather than overtax your prefrontal cortex by asking it to keep your body still and your thoughts reeled in, you can use the mantra to help anchor you to the present, where healing and real power lies. A simple mantra like So hum is a perfect complement. In this case, you sit comfortably on chair or floor and, as you breathe in and out, you silently repeat So on the inhale and Hum on the exhale.
  5. Draw your attention inward as often as possible to find stability, calmness, and focus.
  6. You can precede any meditation practice with specific breathing or yogic postures.
  7. Attend meditation or yoga retreats that emphasize some of the techniques above.


Consistent meditation and relaxation practices, like those I describe in “The Art of Stress-Free Living” can enhance physiological, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing. Individuals often experience improvements in their mental health, genetic transformations, and neurological changes, all of which are key to a healthy and successful life. Individuals see lower activity of stress and inflammatory processes associated with disease and aging. Furthermore, meditation practitioners can see a suppression of genes associated with neurodegeneration (i.e. Alzheimer’s disease). Lastly, studies show that meditators experience a dramatic increase in the anti-aging activity of the enzyme, telomerase.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, as meditation, when practiced correctly, enhances sense of self, rooted in the real inner self and not on outer circumstances, achievements, or objects. Meditation also increases relaxation and thus creativity. Because meditation is not easily dominated and requires lots of practice, perseverance and emotional resilience is strengthened. Moreover, as meditation is sustained concentration, the practitioner builds the two key components of success, concentration and focus, which are traits required for increased power and energy. Meditation helps to build confidence in oneself and is where I often execute some of my most creative and decisive actions. Lastly, as you realize that all the secrets of the self and the universe lie already within you, you worry less about the little things and begin to act preemptively and wisely rather than react impulsively and recklessly.

The choice is yours and I am here to help at Rama’s Rooted Tree.

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  • October 29, 2019

    Fight insomnia.
    Night and sleep are a mirror of the state of your mind throughout the day. By staying in a relaxed-alert state, falling asleep will be much easier, enjoying more rest and feeling full of energy when you wake up.

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