Inflammation and Mental Health. What you eat matters!

by Brian P. Ramos

Inflammation and Mental Health. What you eat matters!

Inflammatory diseases linked with a heightened risk of anxiety and depression. What has been lacking, until now, are studies that look at depression and anxiety across different inflammatory disorders. This is why I spend a chapter talking about inflammation in The Art of Stress-Free Living. In chapter 4 of my book and Appendix A, I go into great detail on what to eat and why.

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WAKE UP PEOPLE to the fact that the food you eat matters! We are in the midst of a revolution in medicine, genetics, health. The view of food has traditionally been focused on calories and macronutrients (i.e. proteins, fat, carbs) is dwindling. Nutritional Psychiatry emphasizes a focus on superfoods instead. These are foods with a low-calorie count, but very nutrient dense, thereby giving your body the right building blocks and chemical regulator that talk to your genes the right way.

Inflammation is a response of the body to injury, insult, or toxicity. This impacts your brain as well and thus mental health, and not just in patients with chronic inflammatory disorders like psoriasis or arthritis. #DNAHacker #Brain #MentalHealth #Inflammation #nutrients #wellness #superfoods #medicine #genetics #psychiatry #antiinflammatory

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