Anti-cancer Superjuice Recipe. Great for Digestion and Detox as well!

by Brian P. Ramos

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This recipe is fabulous and delicious and is excellent for your digestive system, for detoxifying, and preventing or reducing the risk of cancer. Remember that diet is one component we should be mindful of when it comes to maintaining optimum health and wellbeing. The right foods, low in calorie and high in nutrition, will help to maintain a beautiful and radiant body well into the later stages of your life. Food is chemistry and it can talk to your genes in a variety of ways. Wrong foods increase oxidative stress and turn on cancer and inflammatory genes, for example, while the right foods are anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant. To learn more on how this works and how you can reprogram your DNA not just with food, but with many other inner and outer components, BOOK A FREE COACHING SESSION with the master himself, Ram.

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One Pineapple peeled and cut into small pieces

Dozen strawberries

3-5 Radishes with leaves

Can also supplement with orange if you have a small or partial pineapple.

If you do not get radishes with leaves, then supplement green component with spinach.


Pineapple is a low-calorie food that is loaded with nutrients, antioxidants that fight oxidative stress in the body, and digestive enzymes like bromelain that may also help fight cancer. Pineapples, by containing a wide array of powerful compounds, may boost immunity and fight inflammation.

Strawberry are a great hydrating option as these possess very high-water content. For those monitoring their carbs, strawberries are ideal with less than 12 grams per cup. Strawberries add healthy amounts of fiber for better digestion. Yes, we are juicing it, but some fiber still gets into drink and should not be filtered out.

Of course, strawberries have abundant mineral and vitamins that help to support a number of different cellular processes and promote health and balance. Eating berries may reduce the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Lastly, strawberries possess many beneficial phytochemicals with antioxidant activity, including anthocyanins, ellagitannins, pelargonidin to name a few.

Radish, as a superfood in the cruciferous vegetable group, is low in calories but very high in nutrition, which is always what you want to consume. Radishes are a great source of vitamin C, which fight oxidative cell damage and enhances collagen production for healthy skin and cardiovascular system.

            As I mention in “The Art of Stress-Free Living”, cruciferous vegetables like radish contain phytochemicals that are broken down into compounds called isothiocyanates that possess potent anti-cancer properties. Even a radish root extract has been shown to kill some cancer cell lines.

Interestingly, Radish leaves may provide even more benefits as these parts contain more nutrients than the entire radish itself. The leaves are high in iron and phosphorus, folic acid, and vitamins C and A. The leaves also decrease swelling and inflammation. With a mix of phytonutrients, the leaves help to detoxify the body. Therefore, buy organic radishes with leaves and include them in your juice next time. Note: Carrot leaves also provide enormous nutrition and should be included as part of our juicing recipes (often carrots come without that part included).

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